Monday, October 19, 2009

Is the White House Occupied By Petulant Teenagers?

So why exactly is the White House assaulting FoxNews? Frankly, from everything I've seen from this administration over the first nine months it could be almost anything.

There have been numerous instances when this administration has behaved not so much unlike a bunch of petulant teenagers. Permit me to explain.

I took each of my kids to lunch around their thirteenth birthdays. Amongst the talk about peer pressure and drugs and teen sex, I made one other thing very clear to them. I told them that now that they were teenagers, its very important that, between now and their twentieth birthday, they need to make every vital decision that they are ever going to make for the rest of their lives....while they still know everything.

Teenagers, for the most part, want everything handed to them, don't want to have to work for it and have almost NO concept of the costs involved in getting what they want. Teens never want to have to face the consequences of their decisions and thus feel that no matter what decision they make, it should be the right one. They want everyone to else to agree with them. And whenever anyone doesn't, sparks fly. God only knows how us adults haven't killed ourselves without them to help us. And damned with our old fashioned way of doing things. They're a new generation and they assuredly know better. Anything or any way of doing things older then their dirty laundry laying under their bed is clearly antiquated, outdated and irrelevant. And let's not forget that we adults are the cause of EVERYTHING wrong in their world.

Tell me that's not this administration. I dare you.

And no doubt that's one of the reasons behind their juvenile attack of FoxNews. FoxNews' very existence is keeping them from getting what they want. And clearly they know what's best. They can't even understand HOW people, any people, would ever watch that network, let alone believe a thing they say. After all, THEY know best. We should all be listening to them, or at least their controlled version of the news.

But, all sarcasm aside, there is something even worse about these people. They aren't just a bunch of petulant teens. They're over-aged, over-educated petulant teens. These guys never grew up. They went off to college and had their egos stroked as they smoked their pot and dreamed about nirvana, all the while lambasting anyone and anything that stood in the way of their Utopian dream.

There was something sincerely diabolical about all that dreaming. They actually came up with a plan to achieve it. It started with Sociologists Cloward and Piven who wrote a paper on how to destroy American capitalism and usher in socialist dreams. Saul Alinsky followed with the rules of engagement for these post-pubescent pipe-dreamers (and we know where the pipe came from).

Then along came people like Bill Ayers, George Soros, Bernadine Dohrn, and many, many others. They began the process of establishing the right connections with news organizations, Hollywood elite, authors, educators, lecturers, musicians and more. The goal of that being to numb the country to their message. So that when the time came for their chosen one to be revealed, the country, and the world, would be ready for his message.

One little problem, however, two of the very tools they used over the years to ingrain their message into the minds of the perpetually dumb-downed Americans...the news media and internet...suddenly became the tools for exposing them. And they don't like that.

What's worse for these petulant teens? They can't do anything about it. They can't just shut down the internet, even though they would love to do that and technically could. They know that reality is, they cannot. Nor can they shut down FoxNews...not with the millions of people watching it everyday. And, despite all the rhetoric, they can do nothing about the fact that ten of the top eleven nationally rated talk radio shows are conservative.

This is why Obama is making so many speeches, showing up on TV all the time. He knows he has to keep his message out there. He also knows that he cannot keep that up forever. And this is why Dunn, Axelrod, Emanuel and the others are pulling out all the stops to attack FoxNews. And, yes, like those stubborn, petulant teens, they WILL try to control the internet and shut down conservative radio.

BTW, lest you get caught up the petulance of these little boys and girls, they are no dummies. Do NOT be caught off guard by this. There is a very good chance this is all a diversion to take attention from something else these guys are trying to pull off...yet another ploy of a conniving, deceptive teenager.

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