Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What is Newt Really Attacking?

Look, people, let's get this straight about what exactly Newt did when attacking some of the practices of Mitt/Bain Capital. He is not attacking capitalism. He is attacking certain practices of Bain Capital that are, in his mind, a CORRUPTION of the capitalistic system. Attacking one person's corrupt VERSION of capitalism is NOT the same as attacking capitalism.

Republicans took a vow a couple of years ago to place a moratorium on earmarks. Earmarks, as Santorum and RP have shown, are very much a constitutional principle. The stand against earmarks was not a stand against the Constitution. It was a stand against what has become a CORRUPT version of earmarks...where they are used as a payback to political supporters.

The problem with Bain and Mitt is not that they are capitalists...but that in some of their acquisitions they stepped over the line and abused the capitalist system to gain bigger profits.

The argument that this somehow sounds like the liberals when they attack capitalism is absurd. Perhaps the complaints are similar but what's wrong with pointing out problems that are occurring in our system. The big difference is that when liberals complain about things like this their solution is END capitalism. Newt is nowhere even remotely suggesting that. He IS, however, suggesting that there IS a place for us, even as conservatives, to say that there ARE corruptions within our system...and it IS our duty to point them out AND offer ways to fix them in our efforts to restore integrity to that system.

The entire TP movement is ABOUT pointing out the corruptions in our system...our VERY GOOD system of government. Are WE advocating ending that system and installing a different one? Hell no. We are looking to weed out the corruption and fix the problems that are giving our VERY GOOD SYSTEM a bad name.

Newt is doing nothing different. We should be embracing what Newt is doing. The entire OWS movement is trying to convince enough people to join them in their efforts to replace our entire economic and political system because of corruptions IN that system just like what Newt is pointing out in Bain Capital. Instead of fighting against OWS by denying that such corruptions exist...we should be the one LEADING the fight to weed out those corruptions to restore the integrity of the economic and political systems we cherish so highly.