Thursday, December 5, 2013

Obamacare: A Moment of Enlightenment For Our Young Voters

Obama is so blatantly obvious.  Everything he does is designed to garner votes for either himself or his party.  Look at this.  CLEARLY he knew that he was BSing the Millenium generation about Obamacare.  He knew full well that the only way for Obamacare to not collapse on itself was for him to force tens of millions of healthy AND YOUNG Americans off their current plans and onto the exchanges.  He knew long ago this would mean jacked up rates for those people.  So what does he do to alleviate the fallout?:

1) Letting families keep kids on their plans till age 26.  Why is that important?  Because it keeps those young people from seeing...and worse, feeling...the actual impact of Obamacare on their rates.  Their parents might complain, but what the hell do these young people care...if their parents are paying the premiums.

2) Pushing for increase in minimum wage.  Why is that important?  Because these young people don't understand the consequences of raising the minimum wage.  They just see a bigger pay check.  They hardly notice that their bosses are firing people or cutting hours because as business owners they know full well that they have to have a very specific budget to make ends meet...and if they can't afford to raise prices or do other things to raise revenues to justify the higher payroll costs that their only recourse is to cut hours and/or fire people.  Nor do these young people notice that higher minimum wages merely means prices rise on everyday goods.  And that the rich business owners aren't the ones who'll suffer from higher costs...THEY will, along with their parents.

3) Next on the list...forgiveness of student loans.  Why is that important?  Duh!!  Do these young people give a rip that the debt doesn't just go away? it's still gotta be paid by someone, sometime.  They just know they won't have to make a monthly payment.  But who cares the consequences?  Nor does Obama care the negative consequences so long as he reels the young vote back into the fold.  

After decades of following politics I'm convinced of one thing:  Democrats have no principles.  They will do whatever they have to...spend whatever money they don't have...say whatever lie they must to garner the votes they need to obtain the power they want.  Does that mean the GOP don't do similar things?  No.  But when you have principles, which I think most conservative politicians do (to some small degree at least), those principles hamper the depth to which you go to garner those votes.  Conservatives have thought for generations that the fundamental principles of the American Dream and the possibilities that this country affords it's people would be enough to garner all the votes they need.  The problem is, however, that  the liberals have succeeded over multiple generations in obstructing the view of most people as to what it actually takes to have something in this life.  Generation after generation has become number and number to the values that must accompany freedom and prosperity...the principles of hard work, wisdom, charity and self-reliance.  

Conservatives have a golden opportunity through the eye-opening consequences of Obamacare to enlighten a new generation to the principles of liberty that this country was founded upon.  We have a true chance to win over the minds of our young in a way we've not had in more than 30 years.  Unlike 30+ years ago, however, we have no Ronald Reagan to rally around.  We must join as one to achieve this.  Make it work, friends.  This may be our last chance.