Monday, April 5, 2010

How Do We Restore Things

Its been clear these past several months that America is awakened. To say such a thing we must also admit that we were asleep to begin with. Indeed we were...for far longer than we would have liked to have admitted. This is not the first time we've been awakened by the heinous Progressive monster either. It happened once during the Wilson days (when he tried to shove the League of Nations down our throats). And it happened once after the FDR era.

We woke up long enough to put a slow-down sign in front of the Progressive movement. But we did not stay awake long enough to UNDO the things done by them to begin with.

In 1918 and following, the Sleeping Giant of American Constitutional Conservatism awakened long enough to end the idea of the League of Nations, but failed to overturn the hideousness which we now know as our banking and tax system. Both should have been and could have been overturned. Oh what a different country it would have been today, if our grandfathers had remained awake long enough to do such a wondrous thing.

In the 1950's (after FDR and Truman), our parents awakened long enough to put a temporary halt to the spread of socialism in America. Too bad they didn't think to do what was necessary to turn around the course of FDR's Raw, I mean, NEW Deal entitlements, the takeover of our education system, the raping of our Courts with the appointments of "Living Constitution" advocates, and the forced acceptance of the UNITED Nations.

Once again, the Sleeping Giant is awakened. This time to the sound of the Obama agenda. Will we be able to put a halt to it? That's sincerely possible and probable. BUT, will we act this time to change the course of this country BACK to its Constitutional roots. This time round, Americans will have to make a much more important decision about what to do when a president and Congress act so overtly to bypass our Constitution and enact legislation which clearly denies the roots of our liberty. The Progressives have taken us far enough this time that we cannot just wake up, stop the progress of this evil and then contently go back to sleep.

It will not be easy to overturn what this administration has done already (let alone what can still do in the next 2+ years). But, I warn you, Patriots, we CANNOT settle for merely overturning what Obama/Pelosi/Reid have done. We MUST step back and dig our heels in to roll back the past 100 years of Progressivism. We must consider the original intent of our founding fathers and restore this nation to its roots. It will not do to cut off a bad limb this time while ignoring the whole of what the Progressives have done to our country in the last 100 years. We MUST return to the roots. The roots are good. They are healthy and they can and will restore us to our place of liberty.