Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why The Tea Party Is Neither Democrat nor Republican

The first thing you notice when you look at who attends tea party rallies is that the vast majority are Republicans. Yes, there are a very good number of independents. And there are even some Democrats. But no matter how you slice it, the greatest percentage of Tea Party Patriots are Republicans. There is a simple reason for this. And it really is the same reason there are so many Independents in the movement as well. The main reason for this is that three basic planks of the Tea Party movement are: Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, and Free Markets. Since these are the three primary ideals that most liberals (who now own the Democratic Party) hate most, there is no wonder that the DNC will not support any Democratic candidate who would also align themselves with these three fundamental planks of the Tea Party. It's also no wonder that many, many Democratic candidates are choosing to "spin" their records to make them SEEM like they already espouse to these principles.

The next question is, why is the GOP not supporting the candidates who support these ideals? One answer: Power.

The leaders of the GOP want the GOP to take back the house and senate so they can have more power. They don't care that the power they have is restricted by the sheer nature of the center-loving RINOS they feel are easier to elect. They haven't quite gotten the message yet that we are not concerned with their power. We believe the power belongs to we, the people. And if their quest for personal power makes it difficult for them to grasp that idea...then so be it.

They didn't believe us when we coordinated efforts with all Republicans in Massachusetts to get Scott Brown elected to Ted Kennedy's seat. Did it matter that Brown is not a conservative? He never said that he is. The answer to that is...well...to put it simply...NO...it doesn't matter in this case. Why? Because he is far more conservative than his opponent was, and far, far more conservative then Kennedy was. Does it mean we are happy about all his votes in the Senate so far? No. But really, THAT'S OKAY. He is honestly representing the interests and wishes of the people of Massachusetts. In case you didn't notice, the Founders argued quite a bit about what the government of this new country should be like. They were representing the fundamental interests of their home states. Reps from small states represented the interests of small states. Reps of slave states represented slave owners interests, and so on. Scott Brown represents the interests of a relative liberal state. We don't like it when the President or our own representatives and senators don't vote according to the wishes of the majority in their district. So why should the people of Massachusetts expect any differently.

Now, a year later, we've done the same thing. We've put tea party candidates in Utah, Nevada, Alaska, Florida and now Delaware and New Hampshire. We've knocked out favored RINO Republican, much to the GOP's dismay. And now the GOP must make a hard choice...

Face this problem head on and work together like we did in Massachusetts or keep fighting us on this. We don't care. If you want the Dems to retain Congress and finish the work they've begun, fine...go home and whine or do like Cristy did and run third party. Either way, without your help, there guys cannot win...but with your help, we cannot help but win.

I respect that you were fighting for your power...now fight with us for principle. We're still gonna be there to help the most conservative candidate in any race....even a RINO, like John McCain, over some constitution-hating democrat. So stop fighting Joe Miller and Sharron Angle and Christine O'Connell. Help them. Look...Angle is in a dead heat WITHOUT your help....see what you can do when you help and help only?