Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sensible Conservatism and the 2010 Election

Yes, its early to start talking about the 2010 races. But, the sooner WE start talking about the more likely the candidates, including those already in Congress, will get the idea that this election is vital to US. But more important than being vital, this election will either be the beginning of the turn-around or the last nail in the coffin of conservatism and our Constitution.

The turning point of the 2010 election will lay with the sensibility or lack of sensibility of the conservative voters. Today, Dick Armey came out supporting the third party ultra-conservative candidate in the upstate New York congressional race. Why? Because that candidate BEST suits HIS ideologies. What will be the results? The third party candidate will take votes away from the Republican candidate. The Republican candidate will make it so this ultra conservative third party candidate will have NO CHANCE of winning. And the Democratic candidate, clearly the LIBERAL of them all, will probably win. Congratulations Dick...what a great achievement for Conservatism there.

The same thing is happening in New Jersey, a traditionally liberal state, where Christie, the Republican, was up by double digits a month or two ago. Now, with the advance of a more conservative third party candidate, Chris Daggett, the race between Christie and Corzine has narrowed to a literal toss-up.

Why is this happening? Because the uber-conservatives among us have decided that they cannot support a candidate who does not represent their views completely. Instead, they will gladly support a third party candidate that more acutely represents their views, even if that candidate has absolutely no chance of winning and most likely will deplete votes from the less perfect Republican candidate, to the benefit of the most liberal and least perfect of all candidates, the Democrat. I'm sorry to offend you, my friends, but this is foolishness and utterly senseless.

The time to vett candidates and promote the most conservative candidates is during the primaries. Once the general election occurs, rest assured that the winner will almost always be a Democrat or a Republican (yes there are districts and even Senate positions that can and will go to Independents and hopefully even more). But it is completely self-defeating to our cause to support ultra-conservative candidates who have NO chance of winning at the expense of losing that seat to the worst of all candidates...the liberal Democrat.

Is it the best world to have a not-so-perfect Republican win the election? No. But it is certainly better than shooting ourselves in the foot to the point of letting the liberal Democrats maintain control of Congress.

What should we do then? First, the primaries are not all that far away. Start working for your favorite conservative candidate matter what party they in. Try to get them on the ticket of one of the two main parties. Second, keep a close watch on the atmosphere in your district in favor of independent candidates. If an independent candidate has any chance of winning in your district, by all mean, support them. If not, show some sensibility and support the most conservative candidate of the two main parties.

Third, once the party nominees are set, support the most conservative one of those (unless, again, like in point two, there is a chance an Independent can be victorious. It is fruitless to support a "better" candidate who has no chance of winning over the more liberal of the main candidates.

Fourth, try to maintain and channel of communication with whomever wins the election, but especially if it is the candidate you voted for. Most likely you will not agree with them on all issues. So keeping touch with them is your chance to change their mind on issues upon which you disagree.

Lastly, let me remind you to be sensible. Leave your arrogance and pride at the door to the poll.

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