Friday, September 25, 2009

Dianne Feinstein Needs to Go

It doesn't matter anymore whether you agree with Feinstein's far left policies. I will not get into those here. I am seeking patriotic, freedom-loving Americans of all denominations to stand with me in saying, "enough is enough".

In a matter of just a few days, Dianne Feinstein has slapped all Americans three times in the face. First, when given an opportunity to help the people of her own state who have been suffering immeasurably since April of this year she turned her back on them. An amendment was proposed to a Senate bill this week which would have turned the water back on for millions of acres of once vibrant California Central Valley farmland was, for simplicity's sake, blocked by Feinstein and other Senators.

What the heck are they waiting for? Isn't it enough that 40+% of the Central Valley residents are unemployed, farmers are being run out of business, and people who were once the providers of food for California, the United States and the world are now lining up at food banks to get food provided for them from China, Japan and South American. I suppose it won't hurt Feinstein and her millionaire husband to have to pay three times the normal costs for produce and hundreds of other foods this fall and next year.

Next, Feinstein decided to slap us again over the Baucus Health Care Reform plan. When one Senator, who actually "got it" last month when he found himself confronted by thousands of constituents over what's happening in D.C. dared to propose an amendment to the Baucus bill that would have afforded a 72 hour window for anyone and everyone to read the bill, Feinstein and her cohorts decided that Americans were too emotional and incapable of intelligently understanding such a thing. She blocked the amendment, suggesting that what happened last month was merely the uncontrolled emotional outbursts of people who didn't understand what was really in the original House bill. And she didn't want that sort of thing happening again.

Does she not yet understand that it is only PARTIALLY about the insane provisions of these bills that we are enraged? We are enraged as much, OR MORE, over this very sort of arrogance and elitism by people

Lastly, earlier this week, Feinstein, seemingly doing the right thing, came out in support of an amendment to a bill that would have required all these presidential czars to appear before a senate committee twice a year to make accounts for their involvement in executive policy making and to account for their budget. Then, today, when the White House pressured her to drop her support of this amendment, she buckled and changed her mind.

Who, Ms Feinstein, do you work for? Have you NEVER heard of the separations of powers? Does it not occur to you that what you are doing violates the very essence of the Constitution you swore to uphold and defend?

I don't give a hoot whether you support the Baucus bill. Well, actually, personally I do. But that is actually irrelevant to this, much more important, matter.

I am not concerned about your personal environmental views. But I do care whether you are doing what you were sent to Washington, BY THIS STATE, to do...represent the interest OF THIS STATE. DO YOUR JOB...take care of your constituents FIRST. The Delta Smelt will not vote your sorry your know what out if you don't take care of them. But WE WILL.

I couldn't care less whether you actually believe the moronic views of people like Cass Sunstein or Mark Lloyd or any other of the Marxist advisers of President Obama. Not in relation to this issue. What I DO care about is our Constitution. And our Constitution ordains a separation of powers. The President has every right to ask you to change your position on a matter. But YOUR have an OBLIGATION to do what is right by the Constitution. And the Constitution says that you and your fellow Senators are required to oversee the activities of these people advising our president.

Dianne Feinstein has become far too arrogant and detacted from California's issues to be of any use to us anymore. Again, my friends, I don't care what your policy beliefs are. I will debate with you to the end over issues. But I will also stand by you in defense of your right to disagree with me. We must ALL demand that Ms. Feinstein cease and desist from these sort of slaps to our collective faces and get back to representing the interests of Californians. Either that or we, we Californians, must stand together to send someone else to Washington who WILL represent us.

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