Friday, September 11, 2009

Consolidation of Notes on Obama's Health Care Speech

I wrote many, many posts tonight in response to several points in Obama's speech before Congress on health care reform. Many of my posts were from things I read from others (in those instances, I have referenced the link. Below, I will attempt to consolidate them in one piece of reading for anyone interested. I covet your views on any of them and encourage you to share any or any of this note.

A. Obama suggests many noble ideas...focusing upon the "character" of our nation and its history of caring for its own. Well, let's look at this plan from the Cato Institute and tell me if this does not achieve the goals without giving g...overnment the biggest single power grab in the history of our country.

B. Obama somehow thinks that providing a government option produces competition. Aside from the obvious, that he is using capitalistic terms to try to appeal to the capitalist right, there is an inherent problem with his claim. Read this article and I wrote awhile back ( and READ THE BILL.

C. Fact Check: Obama calls the suggestion that there will be some board deciding whether Grandma lives or dies is false. Yet he proposed that same thing himself and the government is about enact it with that part of health care they already run...Medicare. See the article, read the bill.

D. Obama keeps trying to convince America that no one, under his plan, will be required to give up their current plan or current doctor. However, that claim does not tell anyone how his plan would make it so that employers will invariably drop their pl...ans for the sake of their OWN business' competitiveness. If the fine for NOT covering their employees is less than the cost to cover them, what employer would be considered sane to keep their plan? Read the article AND the bill.

E. Obama said, “Our overall efforts have been supported by an unprecedented coalition of doctors and nurses; hospitals, seniors’ groups and even drug companies – many of whom opposed reform in the past.” …but who now support reform, because we've bought them... off... see the details of this article to see how PhRMA and WalMart will make out like bandits under the Obama plan.

F. RE: Obama's claim that our health care costs are higher in large part because of the shift of health care for those who do not pay. FACT: The Urban Institute says “Uncompensated care represents 2.2 percent of health spending in 2008.”

G. ADDING THIS LINK WHICH IS A VERY COPIOUS ANALYSIS OF HR3200...I didn't write, but can affirm its accuracy...having read HR3200.

H. OBAMA: Requiring insurance companies to cover preventive care like mammograms and colonoscopies "makes sense, it saves money, and it saves lives." THE FACTS: Studies have shown that much preventive care — particularly tests like the ones Ob...ama mentions — actually costs money instead of saving it. That's because detecting acute diseases like breast cancer in their early stages involves testing many people who would never end up developing the disease. The costs of a large number of tests, even if they're relatively cheap, will outweigh the costs of caring for the minority of people who would have ended up getting sick without the testing.

I. The MSM does not cover the proposals made by the GOP on healthcare and then castigate them for the party of "NO". The GOP has been proposing reforms for years. This link shows what they are currently proposing. Tell me what YOU think of their ideas.

J. (THIS IS AN AMENDMENT TO MY ORIGINAL POST) - Bettina had a thread that centered around the heckling done by one particular Republican congressman when Obama said this bill will not cover any illegal aliens. One of her responders suggested that it was typical of the right when he have no logical response and then went on to reference section 246 of the bill. Here is my response to him:

What this man is misreading is that the bill, in Sect. 246, prohibits undocumented aliens from receiving the Affordability Credits that are being offered to help low income Americans to afford this. Since I have NEVER met an illegal who filed a tax return, I doubt they will care whether the government actually PAYS them to get their health care in our hospitals and medical centers. Sect. 152, on the other hand, makes it illegal for any health care provider, NOT JUST EMERGENCY ROOMS, from discriminating against anyone...that would mean, ANYONE...not just legal immigrants and citizens.

I have one other problem with those who are offended by this congressman's outburst. Although it was inappropriate, it was nonetheless understandable considering the fact that at that very time and for quite a bit of the speech, Obama focused his attention on calling all sorts of people liars simply because they disagree with him about what this bill will do. So we have to sit quietly and let the president call us liars, but this congressman has to apologize for calling HIM one?

K. Appealing to our compassion and love for our families is formidable approach to trying to convince me to support your effort to pass this legislation. Such tender emotions lead to tough decisions sometimes...but they are OUR decisions, not the government's...stay out of our lives. When I could have declared bankruptcy (using government protection against creditors), I refused to do so. When facing my own burdens, I want the government ONLY to make sure I am not abused by others who might want to take advantage of me when I'm down. Let me make my own choices. I trust me. I do NOT trust you. Not because you are evil. I don't know whether you are or are not. But because you have never shown yourself be a source of true wisdom and sound advice in making personal decisions. I have people whom I do trust in that area. Leave me to that and do the job our forefathers handed down to you. I don't need my government telling me that I am being selfish because I do not choose to cover the financial risks of my youth by transferring my risk to some insurance company. If there ARE people who choose to not be insured, even though they CAN afford it, then face some disastrous health crisis that they cannot afford, I am not so heartless as to deny them care. The cost of such is so minute that it would represent almost nothing in comparison to the overall cost of health care in this country. Adjusting insurance rates by some small degree to cover those occasions is not unbearable. Or even better, cut out a few billion dollars of annual earmark waste and there ya go...its covered.

When you, Mr. President, can PROVE that you can take that part of the health care industry that you already control and make it work...cut the waste, show that care is not rationed and waiting times do not rock the universe, and eliminate the other words, make it solvent...and we might just decide to give you another chance to discuss the rest of the health care industry. Until then, keep your hands OUT of my health care.

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