Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who Is The REAL Candidate of Change

Here are facts:

1) Until about 12 months ago, Barack Obama had successfully submitted more than $750 million in earmarks. He only stopped practicing this when he began to seriously promote himself as the candidate of change in Washington.

2) Only twice in the last 35 votes in the Senate where earmarks were part of a bill did Obama vote against the bill.

3) Biden NEVER voted against earmarks in those same 35 bills.

4) McCain voted 100% of the time against those bills.

5) McCain has never sought earmarks for his state in his entire time in Congress.

6) Palin lobbied for earmarks in Wasila. But remember that neither Mayors nor Governors vote to fund earmarks, Congress does.

7) Although Palin was initially in favor of what eventually was called the "Bridge to Nowhere", When she was informed as to the total cost of the bridge, she changed her mind.

8) Obama and Biden both voted IN FAVOR of the "Bridge to Nowhere" while voting against a bill that would have, at the same time, brought further relief to victims of Katrina.

Check the records, its all in the Congressional Records.

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