Friday, September 12, 2008

Backlash from a Pig with Lipstick

The debate over whether Obama was inferring that Sarah Palin is a pig with lipstick a couple of days reached fever pitch. I find it difficult to believe that Obama would be so stupid as to purposefully make such an implication. But I do find it disturbing that he would not realize, even within seconds of making the comment, the way in which huge numbers of people would interpret the comment. His audience of staunch supporters clearly understood the potential meaning. And yet, Obama did not.

What is more disturbing is his response to the matter. Instead of simply saying that it was a poor choice of words to describe the McCain policies in light of Palin's "lipstick" joke at the RNC, he became defensive and down right indignant that the McCain camp would stir the pot of controversy, accusing McCain of taking snippets and blowing them beyond the context from which they were spoken.

Obama is in no position to be pointing such fingers at McCain, especially in light of the ongoing manipulation by the Obama camp of such McCain comments as "remaining in Iraq for 100 years". A comment, when shown in context means NOTHING of what the Obama camp is making it out to be.

As McCain continues to say, this is a tough campaign and Obama would be wise to toughen up a bit and stop calling the kettle black (no racism intended...).

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