Monday, September 29, 2008

Taxes = Class Warfare

Those who have studied history are aware of the fact that one of the main tennents of the Communist Manifesto is a graduated income tax. The idea behind a graduated income tax is that it balances out the wealth of nation. This, of course, is known as wealth re-distribution (another tennent of the Communist Manifesto).

Traditionally, one of the primary differences between the Democrats and Republicans is over taxes. As of 2006, the richest 1% of Americans, under our current tax system, earns 22% of the income in America, but pays 40% of all income tax. Of course, as the Democrats would point out, those same people OWN that much of America's wealth.

I was doing some research recently on the history of the income tax laws here in the US and ran across the Pollack case of 1895. Congress tried imposing a tax on dividends and interests back in the early 1890s. It was immediately challenged as a direct tax without apportionment, a violation of the Constitution. The law was, of course, struck down for that very reason. But in reading the text of the decision I came across a very interesting statement in there.

“The legislation (the tax law), in the discrimination it makes, is class legislation. Whenever a distinction is made in the burdens a law imposes or in the benefits it confers on any citizens by reason of their birth, or wealth, or religion, it is class legislation, and leads inevitably to oppression and abuses, and to general unrest and disturbance in society. It was hoped and believed that the great amendments to the constitution which followed the late Civil War had rendered such legislation impossible for all future time. But the objectionable legislation reappears in the act under consideration.” Pollock v. Farmer’s Loan & Trust Co., 157 U.S. 429, 596 (1895) (emphasis added)

I won't, at this time, go into the details of what I discovered about the Federal Income Tax laws, the 16th Amendment, the Supreme Court cases which followed or the way in which the laws are enforced today. But suffice it to say that I am fully convinced that we've been hoodwinked and bullied into paying income taxes...and in some case, obeying other laws that simply do not apply to American Citizens.

As a little teaser for your own curiosity, ask yourself these questions:

1) If, by legal definition, a license is permission from government to do something you ordinarily would have no right doing, why do we need a license to get married? Why do we need a license to use our own property (a car) to travel the public roads for non-commercial purpose? Why do we need a license to catch food in a pond or lake located on public lands or even on our own property?

2) Why, if the 16th Amendment gave Congress the power to impose a direct tax on income, did the Supreme Court say that the 16th Amendment gave Congress NO NEW power of taxation? Why does the OMB tell us that the persons required to file a form 1040 are agents or representatives of non-resident aliens? And that the only form required to be filled out by Americans upon whom the income tax is imposed (Sect. 1.1 of the IRC) is Form 2555 (for Americans earning income abroad)? Why do we submit ourselves to having money withheld from our paychecks when the Withholding Agent, as defined in the IRC, is only required to withhold taxes from FOREIGN INDIVIDUALS, CORPORATIONS and TRUSTS?

These are just a small number of questions I am now asking as I continue my research into this matter. Of course, if you've fallen for the line of the liberals that taxes are a necessary evil for a civilized country, then don't worry about asking these questions, your mind has been sufficiently programmed by the government, the liberals of this country and the media. You don't have to question anything.

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