Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Questions, Same Answer

While driving three hours yesterday to pick my son up from college for Easter break I was listening to various conservative personalities on the radio. One of the more common topics of conversation was, of course, Donald Trump and his plethora of controversial comments concerning Obama's birth certificate, eligibility to be president, authorship of his first book, associations with Tony Rezco, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. Both callers and hosts were asking the questions why was Trump's willingness to discuss these issues both controversial AND stirring the conservative pot? The answer to both questions is the same.

For decades now, Democrats have, through their conscious effort to take control of the mainstream media, controlled the dialog in this country. They have used their cohorts in the media to isolate and ostracize politically dangerous opponents and topics. Ever since the topic of Obama's birth certificate came to light nearly three years ago by the Clinton campaign, the Obama team has worked diligently with organizations like Media Matters, MSNBC and others to demonized and isolate those who suggest that Obama is not qualified to be president. And, until a few weeks ago, they were very successful in that effort.

Even staunchly conservative commentators like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity had shied away from suggesting that Obama might not be qualified to be president. They both, along Centrist, Bill O'Reilly, have called the 'birthers' various disparaging names such as "kook", "whackos" and "extremists".

All that began to change when Trump stepped forward and opened all those cans of worms. He is the first big-name personality to stand up and question Obama's legitimacy as president. And although the Obama-media has tried to paint Trump into a lunatic corner, they have failed to realize that by opening those cans Trump has done one other thing as well. He's pulled the curtain back on the Obama-media. The far left media continues flailing away, telling anyone who will listen to ignore the man behind the curtain, but its too late.

More and more Americans are questioning Obama's legitimate claim to the Oval Office that not even the Obama-media can stop it. Don't get me wrong, Republicans are still checking over their shoulders and trembling at what the media can do, and has done in the past, to people who cross that boundary. Michelle Bachman, for example, comes out one day and suggests Obama should show the birth certificate and then the next day tells the media to stop asking questions about it. Governor Brewer of Arizona has a chance to sign a bill that would require presidential candidates to provide evidence of their natural born status, but vetoes it instead.

After decades of intimidation and ruining careers, the MSM still can instill fear in public figures. What GOP presidential hopefuls fear most, is actually coming to pass. Large numbers of GOP voters are questioning Obama's legitimacy as president and we want THEM to stop shying away from it. Just last week, a poll came out of Iowa suggesting that only 26% of GOP voters believe Obama was born in the United States. That leaves 74% of the voters these GOP Presidential hopefuls are courting questioning whether Obama has a right to even be president. The questions will HAVE to be answered or many GOP voters will feel the candidates are capitulating once again to the far left. But, what most GOP voters fail to realize is that this is a very complex issue.

Just once I would love to hear concern over the ramifications and consequences our country would face if, indeed, Obama ends up NOT being qualified to be president. Everything he ever did as president would be questioned and challenged...overturned and repealed. Every appointment made would be invalidated and every act performed by anyone appointed by him invalidated. Every court case heard by a judge, at any level, would have to be reheard. Every case prosecuted by an US Attorney appointed by him or by Holder, would have to be re-tried. Every bill he's signed, repealed...every executive order rescinded. Anyone damaged in any way by a law or order he's signed or by someone he's appointed would have grounds for suit.

The far left, no matter how much evidence is produced to show him ineligible, would not simply roll over. They would fight. We could face deeply rooted race riots. The unions would not accept such a turn over of their newly found powers. They, too, would fight. Our military could be put in the middle of a serious civil war.

Factions would vie for control of the Oval Office. Imagine the arguments: Obama and his closest people would not give up the office without a fight; Biden would think himself to be the legitimate successor, since he is VP; Boehner would claim Biden is out because he is part of the "ticket"; while Pelosi could claim she was the third in line when he first took office illegitimately and would have take over if it had been pursued right away; McCain could argue all of Obama's votes should be his; Hillary could claim she should have been the rightful DNC candidate and would have won.

Our economy could collapse in a heartbeat as the world would immediately consider our country unstable both politically and economically. Our currency could collapse overnight. The ramifications and consequences would be staggering. It definitely forces one to pause and consider whether or not we really even want to pursue this course...except we all know, as our parents tried to teach us, that right is right. When in doubt, do the right thing and face the consequences of your choices.

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