Saturday, April 30, 2011

Are We Being Scammed By All of Them?

That question has entered my mind a hundred times since Obama produced what is supposed to be his long form birth certificate a few days ago. There are two, and ONLY two, possible answers to this. We either ARE being bamboozled by both Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Progressive, the Left AND the Right over this birth certificate issue, or the people in power on the Right are just so stinking scared of being lumped in with what the MSM and the far left have labeled as "fringe extremists" that they don't dare jump in on this issue.

Trump's recent attacks on Obama regarding the birth certificate did catch the MSM and the far left off guard a bit. He put so much pressure on them about the president's unwillingness to provide ANY documentation regarding his past that the MSM couldn't spin it into the far-right fringe extremism they would have liked to have done. Trump forced the hand of the president and he had to deal with the issue.

But instead of resolving the issue, all Obama accomplished was two things. First, he successfully salved the fears of enough people who, although they were coming to doubt the president's birth place, were not willing to really jump in with both feet to challenge him on the issue. Look at Michelle Backman and Sarah Palin and so many others on the right. When things first started looking like Trump was getting to Obama on this issue, most of those on the right, at least, we willing step up and tell the president to, at least, produce the certificate and get this issue behind us. But not ONE of them were willing to say, "You know, Mr. President, enough is enough. There are way too many questions rising about this issue. Either put up or we WILL demand a full scale investigation."

Instead, they sounded like a bunch of wimps imploring the president to do something to give them an out so they don't have to join ranks with the kooks of the far right.

So the president DOES produce a long form birth certificate. And before the mics at his press conference are even turned off, it seemed like a collective sigh of relief escaped the mouths of not just the far left nuts...but even those people many of conservatives have looked to as leaders in our fight to restore our country.

Not more than an hour or two after the certificate was released, Glenn Beck and his pals on his radio show were lampooning the "birthers" whom they just knew would question the validity of the document. Well, Mr. Beck, haven't you been telling us for years now to QUESTION WITH BOLDNESS and to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH? Yes, I think I remember you saying those things once or twice or a thousand times. How can you possibly think we will ever take you seriously with regards to those principles when you can't even take one second to question the validity of the document before you're ready to declare it legitimate.

I now question YOUR legitimacy. And I am one person I never thought would ever say that about you. I have been one of your biggest proponents. You see, Mr. Beck, I actually took you seriously and I DID question with boldness whether there is anything that can be done to substantiate the validity of that document. I DID do my research. And although, I cannot, unwaveringly state that Obama was NOT born in Hawaii and that there is NO legitimate birth certificate (you remember how hard it is to prove a negative), I CAN, without doubt, say that this document does leave me with far too many unanswered questions. There is no way I can look at the evidence before me and believe that this document is anything but a fake.

1. Despite some attempts from some to explain the multiple layers in the document when opened in Adobe Illustrator, there are sufficient numbers of other "experts" who claim that it is not possible for that to happen. There is more than enough discrepancy in 'expert' analysis to suggest that, there is something questionable about this document. Nothing is explained away or proven from this point alone.

2. However, explain to me how there is no chromatic distortions on this supposed scan of the original document? A chromatic distortion is those blue and red tints you see on opposite sides of the letterings when you zoom in on the image. Unless Hawaii has one of the most sophisticated scanners in existence, those distortions will ALWAYS show up in a scan. Some have suggested this is because it is a black and white image. Well, no it is not. The greenish watermark proves that to be false.

3. How do you explain the crisp watermark surrounding the text portion of the document, while the same watermark is clearly more diffused under the writings?

4. How do you explain the white glow around most of the lettering?

5. How do you explain how some letters in the mom's signature are clearly written from a pen (like a real signature would be) and others are crisp and without distortion, as a digital font would produce?

6. How do you explain the fact that this certificate has a registration number HIGHER than that of the Nordyke twins born a day AFTER Obama in the same hospital? When I first saw this one come up, I was honest enough to think it possible that the Recorder just simply had a pile of birth certificates to stamp and didn't take time to put them in chronological order...a reasonable explanation. Except for one thing. At the same time that the certificate is given a certificate number, it is also date stamped. The Nordyke twins' certificates were stamped three days AFTER Obama's.
7. How do you explain the curiosity that, although Americans were moving in the direction of becoming more respectful of black people, we still called them "negros" on birth certificates back then, not "blacks" as Obama's certificate shows? I have to continue my research on this. I would like to find the birth certificate of another black person born in Hawaii around that same time to clarify whether this is a legitimate question or not. But, that being said, has Glenn Beck, or Sean Hannity or Mark Levin researched this at all? They have far greater access to research than I do on these matters.

8. Does is not also make you wonder how his certificate shows the hospital name as something other than what it was called in 1961? The hospital had a different name in 1961, it was not named Kapiolani Maternity and Gynocological Hospital, it was called Kaokiolani Children's Hospital. It did not get the Kapiolani name until the mid-1970s when they merged.

9. Additionally, how is possible for his father to be from "Kenya", as the certificate states, when the country was not known as Kenya until 1964 (and even then it was known officially as the Republic of Kenya)? At the time of Obama's birth Kenya was a British Crown Colony and would have used "The Royal Crown Colony of Kenya" or similar wording on all official documents. Documents with the Term "Republic of Kenya" would NOT have been used prior to December 12, 1964

10. Why do the courts continue to refuse to hear any case questioning the legitimacy of Obama's constitutional qualifications for being president? Why is no one with a microphone asking that question for all the world to hear? Is it not the courts' job to determine issues of constitutionality?

11. With all the questions about the certificate still no one with a platform to speak is asking the questions about Obama's time in Indonesia. Was he really adopted? If so, did Lolo Soetoro really make him an Indonesian citizen? If so, didn't Indonesia require a person RESCIND all other citizenships prior to becoming an Indonesian citizen? Wouldn't that mean that Obama's mom would have had to reinstate his AMercian citizenship when he returned to AMerica? Where's that documentation....because if it doesn't exist then it doesn't matter WHERE he was born.

12. What's with the stinking social security numbers? Why is he using a Social Security number NOT assigned to him? Why is NO ONE asking about this...NO ONE is researching it?

13. And let's not forget about the numerous other questions arising about this man: why did he voluntarily give up his law license? Who does such a thing? Why was he NEVER the lone attorney on ANY case in which he worked WHEN he was an attorney? How did he get into Columbia in the first place...with his grades? What did he ever do to earn the position of Editor of the Harvard Law Review?

But my biggest question is this: with all this information...with all these questions going unanswered or challenged by virtually ANYONE with a serious microphone in their hands, whom do we now trust? Nobody, who legitimately wants to challenge what this president is doing to this country, can look at the information above (and so much more not mentioned) without feeling the honest need to get to the bottom of all this. And until such time as someone DOES take this seriously, we can no longer take them seriously. Is this country being systematically destroyed, as Glenn Beck surmised? Is Glenn Beck not contributing to that destruction by cavalierly belittling people who have legitimate questions about this president's qualifications for being president?

If I were a jurist in a trial determining the legitimacy of Obama's presidency, on constitutional grounds, there would be no reasonable doubt in my mind as to the fact that this document he produced is a flat out fake...that he is guilty of perpetrating the crime surrounding this forgery...that he has never once produced sufficient evidence to prove he has a legitimate claim to the presidency of the United States...and that we now face a constitutional crisis of our own as we now have to rescind everything he has done, or anyone ever appointed or hired by him has done.

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I find your commentary very interesting! I'm going to be posting some of your blogs on FB. Thank you for the time you've spent researching these important topics.