Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Now?

Okay, so Scott Brown did the unthinkable. He won the seat held by a Kennedy for more than 50 years in a state so blue they make a summer sky pale. We can just coast now, can't we? Think again, my friends.

The Revolutionary War lasted years. And it took these Progressives decades to infiltrate our country and government AND EDUCATION SYSTEM. This is NOT over. Despite their attempts to make it seem like Brown's win was no big deal, the Progressives are now aware that we are for real. We are not gonna lay down and let them roll right over us.

Obama even suggests that the same anger that got Brown elected is the same anger that got HIM elected. Am I wrong or is Obama trying to ride the coattails of Scott Brown? How in the world did he come to THAT conclusion? There are only two logical ways Obama can say that: 1) he is not the intellectual that we thought him to be, or 2) he is trying to con the electorate into misinterpreting what happened yesterday. I'm leaning towards the second option, though I am not all that convinced anymore that he is all that intelligent either.

So what will they do next? Nothing is off the table now. Barney Frank suggested this week that perhaps it is time to eliminate the Senate rule requiring 60 votes to overcome filibuster. He had the gall to suggest that God didn't give us the filibuster. Wondering why he cares what God gave us or didn't give us (just curious).

Then, in the wake of the Brown victory, Obama seems set to take a new direction. If he can't socialize our health care. Then he'll go after the education system and lock it in to a federally controlled program. He'll go after the banks to take complete control of our financial system. He'll go after control of utilities and water access.

One thing he WILL do is try to fix the economy. There is no question that if the economy is as bad in November as it is right now, despite all his lies about it being over the hump, there isn't a single job in Congress that is safe. The only people who will feel safe are those who's jobs are NOT up for a vote.

This is not the end. Not by a long shot. Illinois' Republican primary is next...on February 3. Then come the remaining primaries and the election in November.

We must, in the meantime, STOP Obama's agenda completely. Do NOT trust the man.

And lastly, it is time to begin the long, long, long term plan of making sure our education system, both primary and secondary, are restored to their fundamental elements and controls are giving back to the local entities.

One last, lastly, my last blog entry opened the door to something I will be following up on in the next few days. If, as I wrote a few days ago, our delegated representatives do NOT have any authority to distribute our monies in charitable-like manner to any individual, community, group of people or even country, then we must begin the process of making sure we know EXACTLY what authority we HAVE given to them and make sure to hold them to that.

Coming soon.

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