Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Predictions

I am no psychic, thank God. Nor am I a prophet of God (I don't think I would enjoy the stonings that were afforded prophets when they were wrong). But I think it will be fun to make a few predictions for 2010. I know this is a political blog, but bear with me while I make a few non-political predictions as well.

1. Obama's ratings will continue to plummet as his foreign policy inexperience will come to the forefront. Conservatives were outraged at his bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia and his Apology Tour. But his most recent gaffs will be only the tip of the iceberg. He will make one mistake after another angering first his liberal anti-war peaceniks supports. Then irritating conservatives. It will be come clear that all his foreign policy decisions are laced in re-election overtures. We will be fortunate if the world doesn't fall into a global war because he is too weak to stand up to terrorists.

2. Harry Reid will actually have trouble winning his own partys nomination before losing by double digits in November.

3. Nancy Pelosi will lose huge amounts of support even in her own far-far left wing district. She will win, but not by much and will fall out of favor even in her own party.

4. Tea Partiers will not go away, but will actually grow...peaking at a huge 912 event kicking off the final election push. More than 3 millions will show up in D.C. and over 5 million nationwide for the event.

5. At least 10 more blue dog dems will switch parties to the Republicans.

6. Counting the dozen or so blues dogs that switch parties, the Republicans will win back the House with the biggest sweep of Congress in history. More than 125 Dems and Reps will lose their seats in the House either in the primaries or in the election. Republicans will take over control of the House by at least 10 seats.

7. Dick Morris predicts that the Republicans will win back the Senate too. I agree. The result will accentuate the mandate AGAINST Obama policy.

8. Iran will develop nukes, but Obama will do nothing...nothing except prevent Israel from bombing Tehran back to the 8th century.

9. There will be several terrorist attacks on US soil. None nearly as bad as 91 but none the less leading to outrage and anger and despair in many ways. If there IS another major attack, it will be in multiple cities at one time (including, D.C., NYC, LA, Atlanta and Seattle. I pray to God it doesn't happen.

10. The dollar will stabilize only long enough for us to take a breather from the down cycle we've been under. Unemployment will not get better, though it is close to at its worse. The falling tax revenues from the unemployment figures will blow deficit predictions out of the water and cause the next major troubles in the stock market and for our dollar. Gold, and especially silver, will go through the roof.

11. Growing unrest from unemployment, socialist D.C. policies, and international tensions will lead us to the precipice of civil war. It will be a tinder box. We must hope and pray no one throws a match on it to light it. Or we will be far worse off than I predict.

12. The issue of Obama's eligibility will continue to fester for the first half of the year. More and more cases will be brought forward under differing conditions. I am predicting that it will never be discovered where he was born. They will continue market it as an issue of the fringe whackos. And the upcoming 2010 election will divert attention away from it, even with patriots. It IS possible that the Republican take over in 2010 will lead to an investigation by Republican led Congress. But don't count on it.

13. If a health care bill of any kind will pass it will be right away in January. If so, the controversy will not go away. The constitutionality of it will be challenged immediately. A court order will be sought to put a hold on ALL of it until its constitutionality can be determined. Obama will, of course, fight it. As will the fringe media. Enough of a delay will ensue that the 2010 elections will basically kill the bill...HOWEVER...we must not let it end that way. If it is signed, even if the courts never determine its constitutionality...stays are only temporary unless renewed. If we do not move to rescind the bill it WILL kick in eventually.

14. The Saints will win the Super Bowl and Drew Brees the SB MVP.
15. Cavs will win the NBA title.
16. Sharks will lose to the Devils in the NHL
17. Tiger will not play at all this year, get a divorce, go into depression and possibly retire.
18. Boston Red Sox will win the World Series.
19. Avatar will win 10 Oscars
20. Taylor Swift will win 6 Grammies, Kanye West none.
21. I won't be asked by the National Enquirer to do predictions for 2011.