Sunday, March 14, 2010

Have Them Indicted For Malfeasance

Malfeasance is simply defined as: wrongdoing or improper or dishonest conduct, especially by a person who holds public office or a position of trust.

This clearly describes the behavior of the leaders of the democratic party this past week and the week upcoming with their efforts to ram a bill through that would have no legitimate chance of passing under any other condition. The people do not want this bill and have made it quite clear. Yet contrary to Constitutional provision the leaders of the Democratic Party are willing to usurp their power and position for the sake of passing this bill.

This, my friends, is is improper and dishonest conduct. These men and women can and should be indicted for malfeasance.

You may wonder how this is going to happen when our President, who is clearly leading this dishonest behavior from the Oval Office, controls the Justice Department. Surely he would not authorize the indictment of Nancy Pelosi or anyone else for doing what he is directing them to do. Well, the Justice Department does not hold jurisdiction over this matter. Each and every state and/or district which these politicians represent hold jurisdiction.

The state of Nevada would have jurisdiction over the malfeasance of Harry Reid. The State of Nevada's Attorney General could indict him for his behavior in this matter. The states of each and every one of these people could and should consider indicting and arresting each and every one of them. They can't cast a vote on ANYTHING, attend a single conference committee meeting or tend to their duties as elected officials from a county or state detention center.

Even if such indictments don't come down fast enough to stop them from ramming this through, the malfeasance would make their actions wholly reversible.

In addition to this, lawyers should be instantly preparing suits against them for this bill, challenging the constitutionality of it.

And lastly, I wholly suggest that each and every state prepare the necessary documents and declarations to declare this law nullified based upon the Tenth Amendment.

Even if these idiots are thrown out of office, I demand that they be investigated and indicted for their unconstitutional usurpation of authority not granted to them through the Constitution.

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