Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is The Tea Party Movement Getting Too Big?

My basic response to that question, proposed to me today by a friend, is "No Way!".

However, the movement's astounding growth exposes us to extraordinary risks. When the movement began, our biggest enemy was an ignoring mainstream media and a sprinkle of ridicule from the Mahers and Olbermans of the world. Oh, there were som vain attempts by SEIU thugs to try to physically intimidate Tea Partiers. There were even some attempts to lie about who was really doing the intimidating. But none of the efforts were concerted or successful. Nothing was really capable of wrinkling the fresh skin of our passion.

However, things are changing now. In just the last few weeks a number of stories have crossed my desk that indicates to me that the left has finally taken seriously the reality of the tea party uprising.

First, I read a story that Bill Clinton and his close associates are planning on taking on the Tea Party movement with the same strategic ruthlessness that made Clinton feared in many circles during, and even after, his administration. According the article I read, Clinton and his aids will be targeting twenty to thirty of the Movement leaders for discredit and perhaps even bribery to convert them to insiders for them.

Second, there are several articles coming out of Tennessee a couple of weeks ago indicating that the Tea Party leaders are at odds (ends up not to be true) and that Congressional Democrats subtly pass word to people like Michelle Bachman that she could face investigation for violation of rules if she speaks at the conference, forcing her to withdraw from it. Several other lower profile members of Congress follow suit.

Third, word comes out of Nevada that a new party is established calling itself the Tea Party. They bring forth a candidate of their own to compete, supposedly, against Harry Reid. Further investigation reveals that this new Party is NOT sponsored, endorsed or begun by anyone from the Nevada Tea Party Movement. Further investigation leads to the revelation that the party and its candidate were Obama supporters in the 2008 election. Yet, no doubt, not everyone in Nevada will know this and who knows how many votes which should be directed towards legitimate Conservative candidates from the Republican Party towards this Fraud...perhaps enough to sway the vote?

Fourth, a recent endorsement by Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown for the paired down "Jobs Bill" in the Senate has led numerous Teapartiers to ignorantly "disavow" Brown. What these Conservatives fail to reflect in their reaction to Brown's endorsement is that Brown never once portrayed himself as a Reagan Conservative. He is not going to be a reliable vote ALL the time. BUT...REMEMBER what we had for 47 years prior to Brown and what we might have had if we had not supported Brown's candidacy DESPITE the fact that he is not a perfect conservative. Nonetheless, the incident succeeded in causing Teapartiers to argue amongst themselves, thus taking their eyes off the real enemy.

Fifth, tonight I read an article about three Muslim provocateurs who infiltrate a Tea Party event in Florida and use highly advance skills to disrupt the discussion and turn it into a defeatist night for attendees. Apparently this is not a unique experience. It appears that operatives for the left, well trained in disrupting things, are being assigned the tasks of infiltrating the Movement and causing dissension and strife.

The Movement is getting very big, very fast. Although it is relevant that we must inevitably have a leadership structure to something this big, it is vital that we ALL retain our sense of intellectual independence and self-sustained pursuit of liberty. What does that mean? It means we must take personal responsibility for being alert and guarded in our engagement in our united pursuit of restoring our country to its constitutional roots.

We began this whole thing one thing in mind, to rid our government of its corruption and usurpation of power and to restore a Constitutional federal government and we MUST keep our eyes on the goal...or our enemy, who is far more capable than many of us are giving them credit and are deeply entrenched in power, will succeed in snuffing us out. We ARE our Founding Fathers reborn. Remember what they had to go through for many more years than we have thus far endured.

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Annette said...

Another great article John. You are absolutely right, the left is going to do everything they possibly can to take the Tea Party down. What they don't understand is the inner resolve we have to bring our country back to its roots. I see evidence every day of the movement growing.