Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama Imperialism

President Obama has spent countless energy apologizing around the globe for America's imperialistic policies, even as he puts pressure on Israel to do what he wants with regards to the Middle East peace process.

If you heard him speak recently regarding the disturbing violence in Iran over their fraudulent election results, you know that, according to him, it is not his policy to "meddle" in the affairs of a sovereign country.

Yet, going almost unnoticed by the mainstream media in the past few weeks was the Obama administration's direction to forces in Afghanistan that are now required to read captured enemy combatants their Miranda rights. You know, "you have the right to remain silent, etc."

Now wait a second. The Miranda case was a U.S. case...right? It was regarding accused criminals when they are arrested, right? If I'm not mistaken, those are rights afforded to Americans or foreigners arrested on American soil, correct? WHY, do our soldiers (who are not policemen, btw) have to tell foreigns combatants, captured in a war on FOREIGN soil, that hey have AMERICAN rights?

Isn't that imposing American values on citizens from another country? Isn't THAT imperialism?

What it is, my friends, is Obama imposing HIS values on the world. Obama is playing a great game of diversion. While apologizing for America's past policies and acts (at least ones that don't jive with what he wants to achieve), he is imposing, not just upon foreign lands, but upon all of us, his view of how things should be everywhere.

So, think about what he is doing and judge for yourself what his intentions, policies and desires are.

1. He calls for one spending bill after another with visible means of paying for anything.
2. He manipulates the bankruptcies of GM and Chrysler, re-writing the rules of law and commerce to bypass bond-holders in favor of the UAW. (add to this that he says he has no desire to own or control GM, despite offering no viable means for GM to buyout the US shares, leaving the UAW and the federal government in complete charge of both companies)
3. He forces banks to take TARP money and then refuses to let them pay it back.
4. He forces stimulus money onto various states that do not want it.
5. His Secretary of Homeland Security calls virtually any and all organizations and people who stand in opposition to Obama and his administration domestic terrorists, or potential domestic terrorists. He then proceeds to push for legislation giving him and policing agencies greater ability to keep guns or remove guns from the hands of terrorists.
6. He promotes the false statistic that 90% of the guns used in the Mexican drug wars were purchased in the U.S.
7. He no longer allows anyone in his administration to call foreign terrorists by the word "terrorist" but rather as enemy combatants. So, in other words, while people who would blow up the Sears Towers are not terrorists, but Americans who own guns, support the Pro-Life movement, attend fundamental Christian churches and/or are returning veterans are, or are potential, terrorists.
8. American soldiers are now required by Obama to afford those "enemy combatants" the rights that they are not legally afforded, but would like to take away our 2nd amendment rights, eliminate free speech and free press from those who oppose him, advocate that a private organization (the federal reserve board) control ALL financial organizations, even non-banks, and that the federal government has a right dictate to private organizations how much they pay their employees.
9. He wants to install a federally run health care program for ALL Americans without a visible means of paying for it, despite the protests of the majority of Americans. (see my next blog post for more on this subject).
10. He wants to require that all youth volunteer for community organizations (like ACORN and its plethera of affiliates) in order for the government to provide financial aid for college tuition. And, of course, with more and more Americans becoming utterly incapable, due to the financial disaster he has placed upon us all, to pay for their children's education, more and more and more college students will NEED the help of the federal government for tuition assistance. And let's not forget that the feds are placing more and more pressure on private universities (especially Christian based ones) to do things like - allow gay students admission, hire gay employees, and so on...or they will cease providing grants for students attending their schools.

I'm going to leave this at 10 items...for two reasons. Number one, I could be here all day listing everything. And number two, because I want you, my friends to add to the list. I do not know all the things this man is doing. But from these ten alone, it is clear, the direction he wants this country....AND THE be heading into. Only God can help us now. It is time to return to Him.

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